Eternal Flame V.I.M. Team - Bella
  Dob. 22.05.2008.    HD - B / B     ED - 0 / 0   
  PRAprcd - N/N  GR-PRA1 - N/N  GR-PRA2 - N/N

  Natural ability test & Working test

  Our Bella is the first lady in our house. 
She is very reasonable, sensible, moderate, sociable, and very tricky. It was never boring during her growing up, since she is 
always cheerful and full of surprises. 
She definitely knows what she wants and how to get to 
the finish line, and nature and river are her greatest love. 
She showed us how strong, gentle and co-operative she was when 
she had her litter…She’s an amazing mother…
She’s our great lady!

  JCh, ChSrb, Jun. Club Winner 2012 
 Gemma Happy Love of Goga - Luna
  Dob. 15.05.2011.  HD - A / A     ED - 0 / 0  

  PRAprcd, GR-PRA1 & GR-PRA2 - N/N  by parentage
  Natural ability test & Working test

  4xJCAC, 2xJBOB, JBIS, 4xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOS,    

 Luna is so special for our family since the moment she was born. 
She was born as the smallest, weepy, and very active baby. 
We called her a crybaby. But she made progress very quickly, 
and soon she was the first in everything. Luna is our little princess full of surprises, whose curiosity never ends.

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